Increase your revenue.

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The simple solution for veterinarians.

We are reinventing care plans. With some of the most customizable plans on the market, you can give each pet the personalized care they need. Feel good knowing that you’ve given your clients the opportunity to afford care and keep their loved pet in their home, where it belongs!


Customize plan

Build a plan with your client OR clients can design a care plan, themselves, with our app!

Sign agreement

Your client’s pet is now enrolled!! You’ll see their care plan profile and they will see all the information they need with the Pongo app.

We do the rest

Our software will automatically charge your client every month. Let us handle the hard stuff and you do what you do best.
“Clients love being able to set up a budget for their pets instead of coming in for updates not knowing how much it’s going to cost and having a $500 vet bill they didn't expect. […] More Happy Clients. Consistent money in the bank.”
Practice Manager


Having different options to afford necessary care for pets leads to more loyal and satisfied clients and great reviews online. More clients being able to afford care = more pets staying in their homes, instead of reluctantly being surrendered to rescues and shelters. Here are just some of the benefits your practice will see:

steady, reliable income

Slow and busy seasons? Our care plans help level out cash flow and prepare you for unexpected emergencies.

added value, happier clients

In our independent study, we found that:

  • About 50% said cost has prevented them from taking their pet to the vet.
  • Two-thirds said they would join a care plan if their clinic offered one.
  • 70% said they would be more likely to visit the vet if it was in their care plan.

increased revenue

According to a Bayer Corporation study, clients with care plans spend 57-65 % more per patient, visit the veterinary clinic 69% more, and spend 29% more on services outside of the plan.

increased compliance

Veterinary clinics who implement care plans see 90-95% compliance for services both in and out of plan. Seeing pets more often builds more trust and loyalty, allows you to give better care, and helps prevent more serious issues down the road.