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No worries! Although it is very rare that this would happen, this is a common concern. There are a couple solutions for this. We will work with you to determine which solution is best for your practice so that your business keeps growing without a hitch.
It shouldn’t affect that at all! Since we do not suggest that you discount your services for the plans (unless you want to), you can pay the veterinarian that provides the service as you normally would. If you choose to discount your packages, then you would just pay your veterinarian at the discounted rate.
Most veterinary clinics actually feel that the plans “sell themselves.” If a pet needs a dental cleaning, there’s a new puppy or kitten, or a pet develops diabetes, offer them a customized care plan to ease the cost of future services their pet will need. We also provide you with all of the marketing materials you need: signs, handouts, website banners, etc., so clients will ask YOU about the plans they’ve heard and seen so much about.
No, we don’t think you should! Providing a care plan is not based on discounting. The goal is to lessen the burden on your customers. Some clinics do decide to make it more of a “membership” and provide discounts on things like prescriptions, food, boarding, grooming, etc. This helps increase customer spending outside of the plan as well!
Great question! There are a couple ways to handle this. We will work with you to determine the best way for your clinic to handle these situations so that you will never need to stress about a grieving pet parent.
Insurance is great for emergencies, unexpected illnesses, and injuries. Some insurance companies may even have a wellness add-on. However, this still requires clients to pay money upfront to your clinic (on top of their monthly insurance premium), submit a claim, and HOPE that they are reimbursed. Insurance also does not cover preexisting conditions. Once an animal develops recurring ear infections or diabetes, it is too late for insurance. Your clinic can offer them a more affordable way to budget for routine care and preexisting conditions!
CareCredit can be great, again, for emergencies. However, not everyone that applies is approved and CareCredit adds interest so your client ends up paying more than the actual service will cost.
Glad you asked! The whole purpose of Pongo is to be different! With other care plans, or “wellness plans,” there are usually 3 tiers with a set package of services (usually only preventative services). The customer pays a set price for this package, whether or not they will use everything in the plan. It is a “cookie-cutter” approach and not tailored to the pet. With our care plans, clients can add only services that they think they will use or need. They can also add on services, should new illnesses arise. This way it is completely customized to their pet. Customers feel they are receiving better, more personalized care at a better value.

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